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How to say "I would like to have Bulgogi" in Korean :p

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When you go to Korean restaurants in your town, you found out some staffs are Korean. At that time, I assume you probably want to order your food in Korean? :) What about travelling Korea?

Ordering your food in other language is one of the entertainment for the language learners. You would be delighted when the staff understands you. They will probably more friendly to you. ;) This serve as momentum for you to learn Korean more. From now on you can order foods in Korean restaurant in Korean language!

N 주세요 (Joo Se Yo) = Please give me N

커피 주세요. (Coffee Joo Se Yo) = Please give me a coffee.

불고기 주세요. (Bulgogi Joo Se Yo) = Please give me a Bulgogi.

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1) N 주세요 (N joo-se-yo) - Please give me N Bulgogi 주세요 2) N으로 할게요 (N (eu)-ro hal-ge-yo) - I will take N Bulgogi(으)로 할게요 3) N 돼요? (N dwae-yo?) -are you serving N? (If you are not sure if the restaurant

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